Brewed for those searching for something a little extraordinary.


We don’t brew the ordinary. We strive for excellent, complex, interesting flavours that take time to develop.

Our beer blurs the line between beer, wine and cider.


The thing is, the world of beer is surprisingly complex. It’s so much more than the lagers we seem to all grow up on.

Black Arts isn’t only for the nerdiest of beer nerds out there. It’s also for the Prosecco drinkers, the G&T-ers, the whisky sour-ers, the wine connoisseur-ers. Hell, it’s even for the ‘I buy a bottle based on the label’-ers.

We’ve created this beer as a companion to any good picnic in the sunshine, or dinner party till the wee hours of the morning.  

It’s the kind of drink you pull out on special occasions when you’ve got something to celebrate.

It’s not quite beer. But, take another sip, because it actually is.


Our mission

To break the status quo and completely transform the way the world thinks about beer.


Who Are we?

Meet the boys behind the beer

Joshua Murnane, Black Arts Beer

Joshua Murnane

Josh has always been intrigued by flavour. Since helping his mum in the kitchen as a boy, running the local bakery as a young teen and running numerous cafes and bars in his early twenties. It’s no surprise to those who know him, that he’s now a brewer and a blender.

After drinking his first Boon, he had an epiphany – the complexity of the Gueuze was so deep compared to the local Pale Ales he was used to drinking. From there he was on a mission to taste all things sour. 

In 2014, Josh opened and managed bar and restaurant Fox in the Corn, where he showcased how vast the world of beer can be. His extensive bottle list was strongly focused on sour and wild ales. In late 2016, he moved on from Fox to pursue his passion for good beer and to give Black Arts the time it needed.

Having grown up on the Victorian coastline, where communities are close, Josh has always been inspired by the act of gathering. For him, Black Arts is the perfect companion when spending time with close friends and family.

Josh’s all-time favourite brews:

  • Mikkeller Hues 2014 | The beer that got me into sour beer.

  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed | I really like me a hoppy, malty, IPA and I’m a happy man when there’s a cold one of these in my fridge.

  • New Belgium Le Terroir 2017 | When new world and old world collide. A classic beer from the past dry hopped like it’s a west coast IPA – it’s wild, it’s tart, it’s hoppy.

Michael Leslie, Black Arts Beer

Michael Leslie

Michael is a top-bloke, but alas, he’s been too busy to help craft his bio. Lucky for us, this doesn’t stop him being one of the best up-and-coming brewers in Australia.

He did, however, have time to discuss his favourite brews.

Good priorities.

Michael’s all-time favourite brews:

  • 3 Fonteinen Armand’4 Winter | You can’t drink a beer like this without a bunch of good mates and something to celebrate. So I whipped this one out at my brother’s bucks and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

  • Cantillon St Lamvinus | This drop really opened my eyes to the possibility of fruit beers.

  • New Belgium Le Terroir 2017 | The perfect expression of a harmonious hop, sour and funk blend.

Stop by when we open our cellar door to chat to him about his experience.


Our values


To put our very first beer on the market, we had to wait three years before it was tasting its best. If that’s not enough to show how much we respect quality, we dunno what is.


Our beers are crafted with the warming thought that they’ll be enjoyed surrounded by family and good friends. Not just ours, but yours too.


We’re just a handful of real humans, doing this because it’s what we love. We really do want to get more people drinking and loving beer. And we’ll do that through honest and raw flavours.


Join us for a drink.

Our barrel room is only open the first Saturday of every month, from 2pm to 6pm.

4/63 Macaulay Street, Williamstown North, VIC