Welcome to the world of Black Arts Beer

Black Arts Beer

It’s finally happening. After three long years of our beer sitting in oak barrels, fermenting and developing seriously complex flavours, we’re ready to officially launch.

I think a great big virtual cheers is in order. 🍻

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of a sour ale. You’ll find them in the lineups of most craft breweries these days.

Tart beers aren’t a new concept in the world of beer. In fact, before the discovery of yeast which led to the way we make our well-loved lagers and pale ales, people everywhere made sour beer.

This is the kind of beer we’re inspired by.

Today in Belgium, you can still find a range of great (not to mention delicious) examples of traditional sour ales. These ales are different to a lot of new sour ales because they’re spontaneously fermented. Meaning, the beer is left out in the open to encourage native yeasts and bacteria to eat the sugars in the beer and create alcohol. Spontaneous fermentation done right, creates some seriously complex flavours that we strive to create in our own beer.

We give our beer time to develop, between one to three years to be exact, with the aim to achieve a style like these complex traditional sours.

And let me tell you, they’re tasting bloody good.

We aim to produce a balanced beverage that tells us when it’s done, not the other way around.

We like to think of our beers as complex, full flavoured, and special. They’re not really the kind of beer you bring to a BBQ. They’re something you pull out on a special occasion. They’re much more along the lines of a Champagne.

We’ve created our beers to inspire you to reach for a wild ale next time you’re celebrating or gathering with close ones. We want to encourage more people to explore the increasingly vast world of beer – especially complex, tart, Australian wild ales.

Are you excited? Because we sure as hell are.

Our first release should be early 2019.

We’ll also be opening our cellar door in Williamstown North, as soon as we’ve released our first beer. We’ll be hosting an opening ticketed event. So if you want to be in the know, be sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.