Black Arts Brewers & Blenders Opening Event: Saturday 4 May

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Black Arts Brewers & Blenders Opening Event: Saturday 4 May


To celebrate our launch, we’ll be opening our cellar door for five, 90-minute-long sessions throughout the day.

Sessions will be intimate, so you'll have the chance to talk to us, the guys behind the beer, while you try our ales.

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Who are we?

We’re Black Arts, an all-sour brewery passionate about brewing exceptional barrel-aged wild ales.

Inspired by spontaneous wild ales from Belgium, we believe you can't rush complexity.

After three years, we’re finally ready to drop our first releases.


4/63 Macaulay Street, Williamstown North

(Entry off Fink Street)

About the beer

Golden Wild Ale | We pay homage to the sour beers of the Pajottenland in Belgium. Our blend aims to create something that’s balanced and complex, inviting exploration. The result is a golden, dry, vinous and funky expression of the micro-flora in our barrels that we’re very proud of.

Red Wild Ale | Inspired by classic Belgian Flanders Red Ales, our blend is full bodied and tart, blended from barrels ranging from 6-to-24 months. Expect layers of red fruits, vanilla, wood, chocolate and caramel.